GIPTA’s Message

GIPTA’s Message

We increase the added value of paper

Gıpta has been in the adventure of increasing the added value of paper for nearly 40 years. Progressing with the concepts of passion, innovation, and standard quality, Gıpta has undertaken the task of being one of the pioneers and locomotive of the stationery and promotion sector.

Sustainable growth

Gıpta is committed to sustainable growth. One of Gıpta’s main objectives is to increase its business volume. Gıpta is committed to sustainable growth and to environmental and social responsibility.

Visionary approach

Gıpta is dedicated to unlocking the full potential of paper. Through ongoing research for novel applications and uses, Gıpta spearheads the evolution of paper, taking a leading role in shaping its future.

Gıpta, innovative leader

Gıpta operates with the vision of being a pioneer in the industry. By staying updated with new technologies and trends, it provides its customers with the latest and highest-quality products. It stands among those who shape the industry through continuous innovation.

Gıpta delivers high quality

Gıpta strives to provide its customers with the highest quality. Working meticulously in the production processes, it achieves a standard of quality, thereby offering its customers a flawless experience.

Gıpta, the pride of Türkiye

Gıpta is a brand that has proven its reliability at home and abroad by employing hundreds of people, with a high number of female colleagues. Although it has provided employment opportunities for hundreds of people, around 40% of them are female colleagues.

Gıpta looks to the future with hope

Gıpta looks to the future with hope, driven by its passion, innovation, and standard quality. With a vision to enhance the added value of paper, Gıpta aims to continue growing and developing.