Today GIPTA has more than 5,000 articles of products which an amount of stock always kept in its warehouses throughout the year. Although this is a big opportunity to both local and foreign customers, considering 10,000 sale points in local market and the needs of our foreign customers, it is not easy to overcome the management of the stock activities and logistics. However, with the power of the software system established in GIPTA premises helped to solve this task indefinitely.


Total of orders from local market are received through the tablets of our sales team directly to our warehouses. By the aid of our barcode and addressing system of our warehouse even the smallest orders are gathered in precise quantities within a very short time. They are automatically palletized and labeled to be shipped and with the powerful network of logistics and by this way they are brought to the door of GIPTA customers.


All these processes are optimized for speed, stability and minimum error in GIPTA warehouses.