The main factory of GIPTA is located near the capital Ankara city. The factory is established on 50,000 m2 field with 30,000 m2 is closed area.


The total capacity of the factory is: 50,000 Case Bound Products + 150,000 Spiral or wire stitched products which sums to 200,000 products per day in total.


The other factory which has been specialized in rigid box production and paper bags is situated in Black Sea region in the city of Ordu.


One of the main principles of GIPTA is converting the benefits of new technologies to benefit of GIPTA product users. There is no end to new technology investments in GIPTA.


In order to achieve continuous production, an ERP software system is used which is also developed by GIPTA staff within the years of experience. Planning of raw material and production itself enables GIPTA to obtain precise delivery dates.


The quality control teams which are located in the end of every production station are the guarantee of having the first and last item of production in same quality standards.


The only thing we know about the future is we will work harder each day to have the best and the newest.